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Melissa Cope, LMBT

Currently available:
Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays

Therapeutic Integration, Reflexology, and Body Cocoons

​Melissa provides soothing and calming sessions focusing on relaxation and recovery blending with deep tissue techniques adjusted to each client's needs. Her reflexology session adjusts and balances the whole body through foot and hand work. Both reflexology and nourishing body wraps can be done as standalone sessions or blended with a full body massage.

About Reflexology Sessions

Melissa's Reflexology session use massage and pressure point techniques on the feet and hands to stimulate healing in the organs and soft tissue through the body. Reflexology can be combined with head and neck massage for a 60 minute session or a full body massage for a 90 or 2 hrs session.

About Nourishing Body Cocoons

The sessions starts by exfoliating and opening the skin with dry brushing followed by application of our hand-made nourishing skin butter and wrapping the body in layers of blankets to create a soothing cocoon. While cocooned your therapist massages your head and neck along with our house made foot scrub and hot towels. A 90 minute or 2 hour body warp will incorporate back, arms and legs to provide a full body massage. The session is finished with time to relax into your nest and release muscle tension from the inside out.

About Hot Stone Massage

During these sessions Melissa incorporates heated basalt stones with her massage techniques. The heat provided by damp hot stones penetrates more deeply into the muscle tissue than manual pressure ever can. This slow heat creates deep relaxation and release of muscle tension allowing the client a gentle way to relax while changing tension and letting the therapist working into the deeper muscles layers to make greater change.


Swedish (relaxation)

Deep Tissue

Hot Stones

Body Wraps


Melissa Cope, LMBT

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