​What to Expect



What to expect

During your session, our goal is to create an environment that feels safe and nurturing for you. This is your time.


When you arive

On your first visit you will be asked to fill out an intake form with basic personal health informatio. We will discuss your current health and bodywork needs and assess your goals for this work. When we are ready to begin I will leave you alone to disrobe and settle on the table, tucked beneath the linens. Your body will be draped at all times and only the area being worked will be exposed so you may remove all clothing or leave on underwear as you prefer.


Your treatment

Since massage is most effective when you are able to relax take this time to rest and let me do the work. When movement is needed I will provide it or ask you if I need your assistance. If you feel any discomfort or need deeper pressure please let me know so I can find the right approach for you. Your body knows best! Relax, talk, ask questions, it is your session it up to you!


After your treatment

People often feel deeply relaxed after a massage and sometimes even a bit dazed. Please keep this in mind and move slow, let your body acclimate. I encourage you to take it easy for the rest of the day.Deep tissue work may leave you a bit sore the next day or two. This is normal as your body heals the adjusted tissue. Extra water intake has been shown to help reduce this side effect as it helps the body to rinse away the toxins that are released from your soft tissues during a massage. Many people also enjoy taking a hot bath after their massage. This too has been shown to ease the healing prosses.



Please contact me any time if you have any questions or consernes about your treatment.