Community Acupuncture

Thursdays from 3-7pm



Join Jade Pierce and Mountain Commmunity Acupuncture for sliding scale

community acupuncture


For more information or to make an appointment contact Jade Pierce

Call 828-284-3083


By Appointment only. Appointments will be scheduled every 20 minutes. The last available appointment is at 6pm.


Cost: Sliding Scale...$15-$35.


Community Acupuncture is a paradigm of acupuncture that is meant to provide affordable acupuncture that is accessible to the greater community. It began in Portland, OR and is now practiced all over the country (indeed, the world!). It has really opened up possibilities for people to receive acupuncture who otherwise couldn’t afford it as well as being an option for people who need more frequent treatments for their health issues.


Community Acupuncture is done in a group setting in comfortable lounge chairs. The points used are mainly on the forearms/hands, lower legs/feet and head/face. Dress comfortably in loose, warm, accessible clothing.